Gender Pay Gap

Transparency and collaborative working will ensure our continued commitment to reduce our gender pay gap.

Our results show our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on individual hourly rates of pay as of 5 April 2017. The results also show the mean and median difference between bonuses paid to male and females at Robinson Way in the 12 months from April 2016 to April 2017.

Average gender pay gap as a mean average  16.5%

Average gender pay gap as a median average 14.9%

Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average 38.2%

Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average 41.1%

Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and; Male: 38.5%

proportion of females receiving a bonus payment, Female: 34.8%

Set out below is our headcount, reporting 355 employees in four quartiles based on hourly paid rates and bonuses paid in April 2017. As a company we are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to support and development to reach their full potential. The majority of our headcount are customer service contact centre agents who are all paid fairly, regardless of their gender, in accordance to their level of experience, knowledge and skills. Paid bonuses are always subject to meeting agreed KPI’s, quality assurance and treating customers fairly standards.  Other roles operating outside the contact centre environment are also remunerated fairly in line with agreed pay scales and regardless of gender. We are confident that employees at Robinson Way are paid fairly.

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