Maximising Technology

Believing in continual growth and development, Robinson Way invests in new technology to ensure our techniques, efficiencies and processes continue to define us as leaders of innovation in our industry.

A significant investment has been in the migration of a new core system that quickly allows us to design strategies to suit individual customer needs in line with Credit Reference Agency data.

Our science and processes are developed to help customers throughout the life cycle of their debts, starting with the initial data analysis through to segmentation and scoring. We then use this refined data to determine the most appropriate collections approach.

Within our call centre we use a powerful predictive dialling system, complemented by SMS text messaging and automated answer machine messaging to help engage with customers, creating a dialogue and helping to improve collections performance.

We have also invested in Speech Analytics Technology that  allows us to even better identify and protect the most vulnerable and distressed customers by listening for key words and phrases. This not only helps us to protect customers but also our clients and their reputation as well as equipping our training and complaints handling teams with the most accurate information.

By embracing technological advancements, we are also able to provide as many methods of payment as possible for customers.  Included in these options is  Audis-compliant Direct Debit facilities and real time payment authorisation using fully PCI DSS compliant processes.

In 2014, Robinson Way plan to continue progress with further investment in this area where benefit can be realised by both customer and client.

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